For years, freeze-drying services were reserved for solids.

In order to freeze-dry a liquid, one would have to order from a commercial freezer who would turn the liquid into an IQF (individually quick frozen) pellet. Then, it would have to be shipped to a separate facility to be freeze-dried.

“There’s got to be a better way,” we said. Empire Freezing & Drying IS that way.

“Our patented technology enables us to transform anything into pellet form. Food, beverages and everything in between.

Empire Freezing & Drying was founded to make chef-quality food and beverages accessible to all through freeze-dried foods and individually quick frozen (IQF) pellets.

Empire’s customers have seen easier transportation, longer preservation and enhanced marketability.

Meet the Founder

David Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Empire Freezing & Drying. He has a strong background in the production industry, marketing management, business planning, and retail. He graduated from BMG Lakewood.

Where to find us