Enrobed Chocolate vs. Molded Chocolate

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Chocolate-covered confections are an especially welcome treat for those with a sweet tooth. Whether it is enrobed chocolate ganache with a crispy shell or a wafer wrapped in a softer coating, there’s something unique and incredibly versatile about encasing sweets in chocolate. 

Though they may love this particular dessert, most chocolate enthusiasts don’t know how these delicacies are made. In this article, we’ll discuss two ways that your favorite sweets are created: enrobing chocolate and moulding chocolate. 

What are Enrobed Chocolates?

Chocolate is enrobed when its center is created first and is then covered with a thin layer of chocolate. The center can be either hand-dipped into chocolate or covered with a thin, crisp chocolate coating using a chocolate enrobing machine that passes the center through a chocolate curtain.

What are Molded Chocolates?

As the name suggests, molded chocolate is produced using a mold. Usually, chocolate is poured into a sturdy plastic mold, then turned upside down to remove the rest of the chocolate. 

Enrobed Chocolate vs. Molded Chocolate

There are several differences between enrobed and molded chocolate. Here are some aspects of chocolate-making we might consider when comparing the two: 


When creating enrobed chocolates, you can get a thin, crisp covering all around the confection. Enrobing also allows multiple ways of decorating your chocolate, whether using fork marks, herbs, spices, or cocoa butter transfers. Covering chocolate using an enrobing machine is also quick, easy, and efficient.

Molded chocolate can also encase the candy or treat with a thin, crisp shell of chocolate. The difference is that it is more versatile with the types of centers it can cover. No matter the texture or viscosity of the center, it can be molded. Moulding also comes in different shapes depending on the mold design, which can be custom-made. Examples are hearts, flowers, shells, and stars. 


Traditionally, the enrobing process was done by hand by dipping the center or snack in tempered chocolate. Today, chocolate enrobing machines accomplish this task much more quickly and accurately using a belt system to pass the treat under a curtain of tempered chocolate.

The chocolate moulding process involves molds, often made from plastic or silicone, to create shapes out of tempered chocolate. 


Chocolate enrobing provides a few significant benefits over moulding, including quicker manufacturing times, simpler cleanup, and lower prices. Enrobing machines are the best option for organizations wishing to complete more orders in less time due to how quickly they operate. 

Note that an entry-level enrobing machine may cost around $15,000, whereas industrial-sized enrobing lines cost more than $100,000. 


Enrobing has its limits when it comes to centers that have different textures. For instance, liquid centers like salted caramel need to be encased in sealed chocolate shells before they can be enrobed. Enrobing is best for firm, stable centers such as biscuits, ganaches, and candied fruit. 

It is also important that the center is big enough to be covered or it will not pass off the enrobing belt.

Moulding also has its limitations, mainly the number of molds available at any given time. How quickly molded chocolate can be made will also depend on how quickly the molds can be cleaned. Chocolate molds must be cleaned between every batch of chocolates to ensure that the finish is of the highest standard.


Popular enrobed chocolate products include Mars Bars, Crunchies, and Bounty candy bars. And perhaps the most famous molded chocolate in the world is KitKat.


Enrobing chocolate can let you work more quickly and finish several chocolate pieces at once. The most crucial benefit of adopting chocolate enrober machines is that you will be able to meet the rising demand for chocolate-covered confectionary treats. In this way, enrobing has the advantage over moulding in chocolate making.

However, a chocolatier must possess a wide range of skills in order to enrobe and mold chocolates. Both have advantages in terms of the type of chocolate that can be created, and a combined method is often used to produce different chocolate products.

So whether you are enrobing or moulding your chocolate, the expertise with which these processes are done must be at an exceptional level for delicious, high-quality chocolate.

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