IQF Smoothie Chips

Empire Freezing & Drying manufactures frozen smoothie chips using IQF technology (individual quick freezing) for quick smoothies and smoothie bowls anytime! Our IQF tunnel freezer uses liquid nitrogen, which ensures top product quality.

Frozen smoothie chips with their original taste, nutrition, and benefits

Smoothie chips of different fruits and veggies — banana, acai berry, strawberries, kale, and more — can be the perfect solution for consumers to refresh and hydrate themselves without you preparing smoothies from scratch. Take several smoothie chips, blend, and serve them right away to your guests and customers!

Our individual quick freezing technology allows you to offer healthy beverages all year round. We can create any smoothie chip you like from a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables (or your desired ingredients) that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Our IQF Smoothie Chips

Each IQF smoothie pellet measures 0.87-1.18 inches long and 0.98 inches wide, with a thickness of 0.47 inches. Our facility is able to accommodate up to 17,000 lbs per day.

Let us supply delicious smoothie ingredients to your restaurant, cafe, or snack bar! You can also let us know of your unique preferences — e.g. high-protein, gluten-free, or dairy-free.

Other IQF Chips

If you’re searching for other IQF products to add to your food business, we also offer IQF sauce chips and IQF puree chips. Got something unique in mind? Work with our research and development (R&D) team to turn your smoothie ideas into reality.
iqf sauce chips
iqf puree chips

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