Powder Processing Solutions

Empire Freezing & Drying offers powder processing for food and beverage brands. From spices to cocoa to baby formula to smoothies, we follow a powderization method that allows you to bring quality and shelf-stable products to the market.

Discover Our Powder Processing Capabilities

Food powders offer convenience than their fresh counterparts, plus they can be enjoyed in various ways and stored for longer periods of time. Not to mention, they’re travel-friendly.

Here’s how our process works: First, we freeze-dry your product, then we place it in our fine powder grinding machine. Now your food gets packed and ready for your customers! Watch our video below:

Your Industry, Our Solutions

At Empire Freezing & Drying, we’re proud to offer the best powder processing solutions. We serve businesses within the following industries:

Baby Food

We freeze-dry milk into powder and may fortify it with important nutrients.

Sports Nutrition

Spirulina powder, pea protein powder, protein shakes, and other super greens powders.


We create trending products in baking, such as freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, cocoa, and more.


Cheese powder, yogurt powder, sour cream powder, milk powder, and whey protein.

Instant Beverages

We create a wide variety of coffee mixes, tea blends, and juice powders.

Pet Food and Supplement

Livestock feeds, natural dog and cat food toppers, and feeds for aquariums.

Why Choose Us for Your Powder Processing Needs?

Empire Freezing & Drying overcomes your powder processing challenges, helping you provide the highest quality foods and ingredients for your customers.

Multiple Batches

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to meet your production demands. Need help creating the best food powders in a shorter time? Work with us.

Product Safety and Quality

We follow high hygiene standards and eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Our 35 years of experience have allowed us to optimize safety, quality, and nutrition across products.

Test Your Ideas

Our research and development team is dedicated to helping you bring your ideas to life. Looking to expand your product offering or improve your current powders? Let’s connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions and answers relating to powder processing.
Food powders are easy to consume, transport, store, and can be used in different ways. For example, they can be added to recipes to boost flavor, color, and nutrition. They’re also excellent way to support your consumers’ needs, especially on days when they lack time to prepare fresh food.
We use the freeze-drying (or lyophilization) technique to prepare your powdered products. It’s the go-to method for preserving the integrity of foods and drinks in terms of their nutrient density, taste, color, and shelf life.